865 Roswell Street, Ne suit 110, Marietta GA 30060 Tel: 678 665 4736 Tel: 678 905 3072
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Engine Repair

The best German and Domestic engines specialists in town and still affordable!

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Suspension Diagnostic

To be safe and save gas just give us 20 minutes.

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Fluid Exchanges

Your engine, transmission and breakes fluids are safe with Aurora Motorsport.

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Repair Services

We offer complete maintenance and repair services on most domestic and foreign cars.

While Aurora can help you with pretty much any car problem our expertise is with German cars and especially Mercedes. Drive, maintain and repair Mercedes for over 20 years now. Our shop can diagnose any issues with your Mercedes - mechanical, electrical or electronic.

Oil Change:

We use only full synthetic motor oil and we don’t use paper filters, as fleece oil filters are preferred with synthetic oils. It’s critical to observe the correct oil specifications for each motor, both of type and viscosity range, because sludgeing, advanced wear, oil consumption and corrosion have been known to result from not doing so.

Recommended Maintenance:

Our technicians use specialized tools, Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and training to service your vehicle. We follow your maintenance manual in detail to ensure that everything is checked on time. Recommended service work is intended to provide you with the option to choose the additional maintenance work performed on your vehicle.

If applicable to your vehicle's configuration, tire rotation should be performed in accordance with the recommended intervals, or sooner at the first signs of irregular (uneven) tread wear. A tire inspection will help determine the need for a tire rotation which may occur at least once between regular Mercedes-Benz maintenance intervals.

Services Warranty Options

For an additional charge we provide warranty on the following services:

Ask us for any other service, that you want warranty on!

Spare Parts

We only use original parts

For all our work, we only use original Mercedes-Benz parts. We do not use cheap knock-offs. We do this because you and your car deserve the best! We have both new and used parts. We will always give you the option to chose, we can work on all your car needs.